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Fast and safe inspections for residential and commercial buildings, churches, chimneys, conservatories and more.

Aerial real estate photography to make your property and it’s surroundings stand out on the market.

A beautiful way to capture your special day… from the air! Aerial wedding photography for anyone looking for a unique perspective.

Photography and cinematography for hotels, golf courses and companies to capture services & amazing scenery.

Use a drone to improve your view when performing a survey for construction, wind turbines, solar panels and others.

Professional, high quality aerial video and images to showcase your event.

About Park Lane Drones

Park Lane Drones is CAA certified and offers professional, high quality drone services including roof inspections, photography, surveying and more. We cover Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire as well as most of the United Kingdom and Europe. We provide safe and efficient roof inspections for residential & commercial buildings, churches, conservatories and chimneys. We also provide unique aerial real estate photography for estate agents, or any resident looking to sell their residential or commercial property. We also offer our services to surveying and construction companies to aid in performing surveys and progress photos. We provide aerial drone photography and videography services for almost any industry, but mainly tourism, events and weddings.

What is a drone?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft controlled remotely, usually with a high definition camera attached to take stunning aerial photographs and capture beautiful video footage.

Why use a drone?

Drones are quickly becoming the most efficient and cost effective technology to perform services across a massive range of industries including photography, surveying, real estate, tourism, agriculture, construction and many more. Drones are safer to use for most of these services, cheaper than using traditional methods, and are just as accurate when executing these jobs.

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Are you qualified to fly commercially?

Yes! Park Lane Drones have been granted Permission for Commercial Operations by the CAA meaning we have undergone a specific course required to fly a drone commercially. This means we understand and perform safe flying procedures when controlling an unmanned aircraft.

Granted permission for commercial operations #7925

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"Park Lane Drones took some drone footage for us of Wells-next-the-Sea beach on the north Norfolk coast and did a great job. It's so nice to be able to share some original photography to give our guests and followers an idea of what our local area has to offer! He's a very nice young man too and we are very happy to recommend this business."
"Recently had our roof inspected by Richard - Good quality pictures/footage and didn't take long at all! Would definitely recommend using a drone pilot for a roof inspection to anyone!"
Roof inspection customer

Our Services

Aerial Roof Inspections

Real Estate Photography

Wedding Photography

Richard Flack Trading as Park Lane Drones is granted permission for commercial operations by the CAA – #7925