Aerial wedding photography

Get a unique perspective of your special day, from the air with our wedding photography

Aerial Wedding photography

Add to your wedding photographs with unique aerial images to capture amazing memories. We can work alongside your wedding photographer to capture photos of your special day and edit them professionally if required. Our aerial wedding photography package includes a set of photos of whatever you require. Usually aerial wedding photography consists of establishing shots of your venue, the surrounding location, unique aerial group photos, guests mingling outside and some fun & different aerial shots of the bride and groom.

If you would like any other types of photo/video for your wedding day, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements, we are more than happy to hear your ideas!

Drone videography

We also offer drone wedding videography, perfect for establishing shots of your venue, guests arriving, and the bride and groom’s walk through the grounds of their venue. Whatever you would like filmed from the air, we are more than happy to capture it!

Aerial group photos

Aerial group photos are the best way to capture your other half and your friends and family all together. We can photograph groups or just the happy couple from the air to give you some beautiful memories to frame.


Rafe Abrook Wedding Photography

For beautiful ground based wedding photography we recommend Rafe Abrook. Click the link above to contact Rafe and for more information.


Prices for wedding photography services vary because of insurance and location requirements. However our aerial wedding photography package starts at just £275 for up to half a day of shooting (4 hours on site) or £500 for a full day on site (8 hours). These prices are valid if there are no special insurance or restricting requirements (e.g. difficult to fly areas, high insurance costs, high travel expenses etc.).  Please contact us via the contact page with some details of your wedding photo/video ideas and your wedding venue location, and we will get back to you asap with a quote.

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