Aerial Property & Land Photography

Make a property and it’s surroundings stand out from the crowd

Aerial Photography for Property

Aerial property photography can be used for any kind of property and building including stately homes, up-market houses, cottages, commercial buildings or any property you want to capture. If you are an estate agent, aerial photography is now a must to show off properties, and using drones for this is getting more and more popular.

Discounts and reduced rates are available to estate agents who want to use our services regularly.

See more about discounts in the prices section below.

Contact us if you are an estate agent looking for a unique way to market properties.

What We Do

We can take high quality images from all different angles, showing the property close up, from high up, far away and anything in between. We can then send you the raw images via a secure link, or we can add estate agents branding, logos and phone numbers.

Our standard aerial property photography package includes:

– Unlimited set of aerial photos taken of any property
– Photos typically taken within 30 minutes from arriving on site so you don’t have to wait around
– Edited Images sent to you via a secure link within 24 hours, so you can make sure the property is listed as soon as possible

Land photography

Drones are the perfect tool for capturing photos of land for prospective buyers or just for social media or promotional purposes.

It’s near impossible to take overview photos of land from the ground. A drone operator can take stunning aerial photos in just minutes.

Birds eye view images of land are perfect for showing an overall view of a piece of land and gives a clear view of boundaries and surroundings.

Making Properties Stand Out

Give a unique view of your property and it’s surroundings/land to potential buyers. Aerial property photography is proving to be very popular, with people opting to show off their area as well as their property. Maybe you want to show off the property’s land that you can’t see from the front? This can catch a buyer’s eye from your listing on an estate agent’s website and creates more chance for your property to get more viewings. 

Even the most beautiful properties can look plain from the ground, so give them a lift and show them off from the air!


Drone aerial property photography is priced at £150 per property for an unlimited set of edited photos. We offer discounts for any companies looking to use our service on a regular basis. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

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