Aerial Roof Inspections

Fast and safe roof inspections using drones

What is an aerial roof inspection?

We use a drone equipped with a high quality camera to capture images/video of any building’s roof which we then send over to you the very next day. We will usually complete an inspection within an hour of being on site.

Drone roof inspections can be used for all sorts of reasons, from needing to inspect a storm damaged roof to a home owner needing a routine roof inspection to check everything is still in working order. We can inspect a huge variety of roofs including churches, stately homes, cottages and can check on solar panels as well.

Why use a drone?

Using drones for roof inspections means the whole process is faster, cheaper and safer than using traditional methods. When having a traditional roof inspection, you may need to pay for expensive scaffolding, personnel, machinery and wait around for a long time. With the use of a drone, our inspections take less than an hour on site to inspect a roof and we send you all of the images taken the next day, so you can see any issues that may be of concern to you. This means you can check the condition of your roof from our high definition images before you make a decision on whether to have further work done or not. 

If there are any issues with the condition of your roof, we can also refer you to our partner Manning Roofing (as seen above) who can advise on what you can do next.

Commercial Inspections

We can provide regular inspections for commercial buildings and we often provide inspections for property management companies.

If you need to provide inspections for your property at regular intervals throughout the year, we can provide these roof inspections for you at a discounted price and can also send the inspection images and videos to our roofing company partner so they can offer their experienced advice on what to do next if necessary for free.

This type of roof inspection will save your company valuable time and money.


Using a drone for roof inspections is the safest way to get a birds eye view of your property. There is no need for personnel to work at height when you have a drone to do most of the work for you! We have safety measures in place at all times to ensure a safe flight which includes public liability insurance that covers us up to £5,000,000.


As every inspection is different and requirements vary massively, prices are calculated on a case by case basis, however our inspections will typically start from £120 plus travel expenses where necessary. Most inspections are completed within 30 minutes and this includes the pilot completing a risk assessment before attending the site and a site survey report at the location to make sure the surroundings are clear to fly in.

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