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Yes. We hold a PfCO (Permission for commercial operations) granted by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). We always have public liability insurance that  covers all of our flights. Please don’t use any company who are not qualified, insured and have not been granted permission from the CAA as they could be dangerous and potentially illegal. If you are unsure, ask the drone operator and they should be happy to show you their qualifications and documents.

We are able to fly in most locations in the U.K and Europe, subject to risk assessments, laws and pre -flight surveys. We will always plan our flights and make sure it is safe and legal to fly at the location.

Unmanned Aircraft are fast becoming the most cost effective, safest and quickest method to complete a huge variety of services and tasks. In most cases we can achieve the same, if not better results than an alternative method.

Yes. In fact in most cases, drones are a lot safer to use than using traditional methods to complete a task. If it is difficult or dangerous to send personnel, it is far better and quicker to send a drone.

We currently hold a standard permission for commercial operations which means we can fly up to 400ft vertically and 500m away from the pilot horizontally.

Our drones can fly for a maximum of 23 minutes on each battery. This may sound like a short amount of time, but we can achieve a lot with good planning before the flight and we bring spare batteries if we need to fly for longer.

We do not fly in wind speeds above 30 km/h for safety reasons, and we unfortunately cannot fly in rain. We may be able to fly in light snow but every flight is subject to risk assessments to ensure a safe flight. If we cannot fly on a date arranged because of wind or rain, we will contact you at least 24 hours before the flight to arrange an alternative. If we are unsure of what the weather is going to do, we will still attend on the preferred date and wait it out to see if the bad weather passes.

Every flight is so different, and because of this, we quote on a case by case basis. For roof inspections, we have starting prices as shown on our Roof Inspections page. We are happy to discuss any requirements and prices over the phone or you can email us. We aim to get back to you within a few hours.

For roof inspections and property photos, the images and/or footage will be sent to you via a secure link by the very next working day. For all other services, it greatly depends on the amount of footage or images taken and if any editing is required. Please get in touch to discuss any projects and we will be sure to give you an approximate turnaround time.

Once we have left the location, we download the footage and/or images which are then sent to you via a secure link to your email address. We use Google Drive to send the footage and all you have to do is follow the link we email you and then click download for the footage to save to your PC/phone/tablet etc. If you require, we can put the footage and images on a USB memory stick and send it to you in the post

Yes! For a small additional charge, we are able to edit the footage and/or photos we have taken and create a professional video and/or photos to your specifications if you require. Just send us a quick message or ring us to discuss your requirements.

We reserve the right to use any imagery or footage we have taken for promotional purposes on social media and our website unless you tell us otherwise


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