A birds eye view of your land to help efficiency and save you time.

How can a drone help?

A UAV can save farmers valuable time by gaining a higher view of their land. So it’s no surprise that drones are now being used by approximately 18% of UK agricultural businesses and are changing the way farmers control their crops and tend to livestock. 

Why use a drone instead of traditional methods?

Traditionally farmers can’t easily achieve a full birds eye view of their crops to check on growth and the condition they are in. Now however, you can gain an aerial view of a whole field in minutes by sending up a UAV. Similarly, drones can take extremely detailed and close up images of certain parts of a piece of land and make it easier to see dry patches. 

Save time

We know that farmers need more valuable time to tend to all aspects of their farms, and drones can save a massive amount of time when checking on crop health. A UAV can be set up and can take off within minutes and once in the air can cover a huge area.

The benefits

A drone can also be a very useful addition when checking on livestock, spotting areas of compaction, identifying weeds and checking areas with crop deficiencies. Another known use of a drone is to scare pigeons and other birds away from new crop seeds.


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